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How to play Baccarat

A basic guide to betting on Baccarat

To put it simply, the goal of Baccarat is to predict who will get closer to scoring nine after two (or three cards), the player or the banker. You can also bet on a tie being the outcome.

You place a bet on which of the two will score closest to that nine value, or you can bet on the tie.

Winning bets are paid out at the value of 1:1 if the players' cards win, 1:1 (with a 5% casino cut) if the banker's cards win and between 8:1 and 9:1 depending on the house edge if a tie is the result of the hand.

All face cards and the 10 have a points value of zero. All the other cards have their face value and an ace is worth a solitary point.

To Play

Two cards are placed face up for both the banker and the player. If one of the two players scores an eight or a nine, then no further cards are dealt and this results in a natural win for one of the two. If both have a total of eight or nine, then the tie bet will be declared the winner and no third card will be dealt to either hand.

If neither the banker nor the player score eight or nine, this opens up third card rules.

A player will get a third card if their total is between zero and five. A six or seven and they will stand as will the banker if they get six or seven.

Should the player get a third card, the banker will draw a third card based on various house rules.

After the potential round of third cards are dealt, once more the bet that is closest to nine will be declared the winner and a tie bet given the win if the scores are level

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